What is 5-PAX?

5-PAX offers made-to-order clothing, accessories and lifestyle items using a combination of independent designer, self-drafted and commercial patterns. We select items based on what inspires us: the season, daily life, current events and, most importantly beautiful materials. We’d love to feature products from local artisans, so please get in touch – let’s collab! We also want to know what YOU would love, and you can send us your suggestions via the website or social media (follow us @5paxbespoke).

How does it work?

We’re planning to release a new drop about once a month. Each drop will have 3-4 items available, but we’ll only be offering 5 of each item. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Themes for upcoming drops will be announced 1 week ahead of time, and members will be able to log in for an exclusive preview of the items. During the preview, members can add the items they like to a wishlist for easier checkout once the drop is live. From time-to-time we may also offer secret members-only items!

What clothing sizes are available?

Sizes will vary depending on the pattern we’re using. Many indie designers are expanding their size range up to size 40, and others up to 5XL for women. There are also some amazing ladies drafting top/dress patterns for bust sizes up to DD/E, and in some cases G/H! We also plan to offer items for men – the ones we’ve sourced so far go up to 3XL. 


The beauty of made-to-order is that your clothes are sized for YOU. Skirts and pants will be YOUR perfect length. If your waist and hips are different sizes, those sizes will be combined to make YOUR size.

Anything else I should know?

Yes! We’re so determined to make your 5-PAX experience unique (notice the snowflake in the logo?) that we’re going to be numbering each item 1-5 in the order they were requested, and the tags are so cute! Plus, we’ll be attaching a little accent to each item that’s different every time. Can you tell we’re excited?!