Expandable Storage Bag


100% cotton, and with colours and accents to coordinate with our other travel items, this expandable bag is perfect for keeping shoes separate from clothes when packing, but can be used for any storage or organisation needs while travelling or around the home.

This handy bag has been designed to be lightweight and lie flat so it won’t take up extra space or weight in your luggage.

Shown is medium, which will fit ladies shoes up to size 10 (pictured with a 39/9.5). Other sizes and dimensions are shown below. Since this drop is going with a “couple” theme, you can buy 2 of these if you need, just let us know which sizes you’d like!

SMALL size: flat 32 x 20 cm, expanded 7.5cm tall
MEDIUM size: flat 38 x 23 cm, expanded 10 cm tall
LARGE size: flat 40 x 25.5 cm, expanded 10 cm tall

Watch the video below for a closer look at the Expandable Storage Bag.

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