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When I’m shopping or travelling, I love finding unique treasures. Especially clothes – it’s such a thrill to have someone say “That’s so beautiful, I’ve never seen anything like that”, and be able to tell them it’s limited edition, or one-of-a-kind, or I got it in Paris. Clearly Melbourne isn’t Paris, but we can definitely make you feel special wearing something that nobody else has.

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Have you ever wandered around a shopping centre all day trying things on and not found anything that’s “just right”? There are lots of reasons – both physical and psychological – why ready-to-wear fashion doesn’t fit. At 5-PAX, we don’t make assumptions about people, we just want to people feel good about themselves! So don’t feel shy when you make product suggestions or customisation requests – you’re a niche market, and we’re niche makers.


We don’t make things “on the cheap”. They don’t last. We select quality fabrics, with an emphasis on natural fibres and locally produced materials, in combination with trusted brands in notions, to create items we are proud of and that endure.

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In addition to making to your measurements rather than a fixed size chart, we are going to offer customisable options as much was we can. For example, sleeves: short, 3/4-length, or none? Add a flower embellishment or leave it plain. Of course, if you don’t like making decisions we’ll happily choose for you.