We carefully select our materials for quality. As much as possible, we choose natural fabrics and fibres, and we try to source ingredients that are made by locals. We support small business and will always collaborate and highlight these products.

Fabric Preparation
Natural fibres have a tendency to shrink when washed. So that you don’t get any nasty surprises with your garments, we pre-wash all our fabrics with a sensitive care laundry detergent prior to cutting. Pre-washing of fabrics also reduces the risk of colours running when you wash garments yourself.

Fabric Care
The care instructions for each item will be written on the back of the tag. Where possible, these instructions will be those provided by the manufacturer. If we can’t find specific recommendations, we will provide general care instructions based on the type of fabric used and our pre-washing method.

5-PAX uses a combination of self-drafted, independently designed, and commercial patterns. If not using our own patterns, we preference independent designers and are proud to support their businesses. Copyright laws only govern the reproduction and sale of the pattern itself, and we always pay for the patterns we use; the items made from the pattern are the copyright of the maker.